Cate Wallace, Tutor/Coach

Learn how to learn

Thrive Learning uses a unique blend of tutoring and coaching to build up academic efficacy and transform it into lifelong self-management skills. We focus on mathematics education as a foundation for building effective mental habits, filling in what may be missing in the traditional school setting.

Caring attention

You have my full attention during our learning session. It is a dialogue of equals, building confidence and self-awareness. I genuinely enjoy hearing about peoples' thought processes and having conversations about learning, and I've been told I make it more interesting and fun!

Dynamic lessons

Our sessions are built around your needs. I am flexible and proactive, with twenty-five years of experience helping students understand math concepts. Every student is so different that I am continuously learning new ways to help people understand concepts and develop better study habits.

Choosing Me

If you are looking for a compassionate and creative educator to help with your student's learning, please contact me for a chat about your needs. chrwallace at outlook dot com

What I tutor/coach

  • Grade 8 to 11 math
  • Math for adult learners
  • Science concepts
  • Essay writing skills
  • Introductory accounting
  • Executive function techniques


  • In-person (Keshen Goodman Library café)
    • $50 per hour
  • In-person (in your home)
    • $60 per hour ​​​
  • Online
    • $40 per hour