Cate Wallace, Tutor/Coach

I've been a tutor for 25 years. I still love it, and learn every day!

So I kind of fell in love with math in junior high. We had an extremely enthusiastic teacher, who made the class interesting, organized and elegant. Mathematics wasn't an area I really considered a career in, but the strong foundation I developed in junior high and high school supported my academic science studies in countless ways. 

Although I grew up with social anxiety, I was never afraid to ask questions in class. It wasn't until graduate school, where I needed to master aspects of pharmacology without a background in physiology, that I experienced the type of fear I often see in my math students. Lacking prerequisite knowledge in any learning situation makes it very difficult to ask questions to build further knowledge, especially when we feel expected to know.

A good tutor bridges that knowledge gap through the learning conversation. I meet my students where they are, without judgment, dynamically assessing needs as we go. I still have the enthusiasm that my junior high and high school math teachers passed on to me. I'm so happy to share what I feel is important foundational knowledge for countless areas of life, and valuable associated cognitive skills.

If you are looking for a compassionate and creative educator to help with your student's learning, please contact me for a chat about your needs.

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