Cate Wallace, Tutor/Coach


Jodi Blondon
Current client
I would highly recommend Cate as a tutor. Our daughter, a very good student in Jr High, was suddenly overwhelmed with the pace of High School Math. Cate very quickly turned this around for her. She was able to meet our daughter where she was and work with her to increase her comprehension, and her confidence. Her grades improved and so, too, did her independence. She is now a more confident learner. She is able to work independently between sessions with Cate to self-identify areas she needs more practice on, as well as, areas she may need more help comprehending. Best of all, she is now considering future careers that she had previously dismissed due to her Math phobia! Working with Cate has given her the confidence to dream big!
Wendy Kean
Former client
Cate has been a wonderful tutor to our son and has helped him tremendously with his high school math. He is developing confidence and, with her help, is beginning to enjoy math once again. She replied promptly to my initial contact with her, arrives on time, is both patient and encouraging, and accomplishes a lot in each session. I cannot recommend her more highly to anyone seeking help for their child.
Jacob Reeves
Former Student
I am a grade 9 math student of Cate's since August 2020. She has a positive, calm, patient approach while challenging me. My math marks have improved a lot. I lost time because of covid but I feel I am building every week. I feel I have more confidence. Thank you Cate!
Donna Wells
Former client
We are so happy with Cate! Cate approaches concepts from different angles so my son is able to get a better understanding of the material. She is very good at answering questions and explaining things in a comprehensible way. She requests examples from my son to solidify his understanding and to make sure he's on track. Cate does all this with dedication, flexibility, and humour. She is very confident in her abilities and this comes through in her tutoring, which ultimately affects my son's confidence and performance at school. Cate is kind, patient, and empathetic, and we are so happy to have her as my son's tutor.